About this episode

This episode is with Kamilah Journet.

Kamilah is an observer, runner and marketer in the outdoor industry.

In this episode we talked about:

  • diversity in the running world
  • setting boundaries with WFH life
  • Black Lives Matter and learning about Kamilah’s voice
  • getting uncomfortable
  • analogies between running and life
  • consistency
  • using her voice in a powerful way

“Are you only a runner come race day?”

  • her experience in the outdoor industry
  • trail running and how inclusive and accepting it is
  • running distance vs sprints, when the sprinters looked more like her
  • her running in 2020 and doing whatever she wants
  • why runners (and athletes) are uniquely equipped to handle societal change that takes a long time

Follow along with Kamilah’s journey at instagram.com/kamilahjournet

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