About this episode

Alexi Pappas is a runner, film maker, writer, actress and Olympian for Greece.

In this episode we talked about:

  • what she means when she says Bravey
  • her upcoming memoir and what will be in it
  • writing poetry
  • her social media presence
  • role models
  • how she has used nutrition 
  • carbs and eating whole grains and how her nutrition experiences have been different in different places
  • eating more and the impact it has had for her
  • post Olympic blues and her experience with mental health
  • getting stuck in Greece during COVID
  • how she’s handling the unknown when it comes to the Olympics
  • why she runs
  • balance
  • and much more!

Follow along with Alexi’s adventures at instagram.com/alexipappas and twitter.com/alexipappas

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