About this episode

This episode was recorded live at Fleet Feet in Boulder after the 2024 BolderBoulder 10km. Enjoy this Fleet Feet Recovery Panel with Dana Eshelman, Emma Stevenson, and Jason Fitzgerald, moderated by Jon Levitt, all about recovery from training, strength, and nutrition perspectives.

Meet our panelists:

Dana Eshelman is the owner of A Dash of Dana Performance Nutrition, where she works as a sports dietitian working primarily with endurance athletes. Follow her on Instagram @a.dash.of.dana 

Dr. Emma Stevenson is the owner of Atomic Physical Therapy in Boulder, specializing in helping runners stay active and preventing injuries. Follow her on Instagram @eemageema 

Jason Fitzgerald is a running coach, head coach of Strength Running, and the host of the Strength Running podcast. Follow him on Instagram @jasonfitz1 

Special thank you to 2Before, Ketone-IQ, Oofos, and Fleet Feet for making this one possible.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • top reasons runners get injured and don’t recover properly 
  • most effective recovery tips: smart training, adequate nutrition and sleep, strength training
  • altitude training, nutrition, and recovery considerations
  • pre-run injury prevention and recovery tips
  • post run injury prevention and recovery tips
  • is there a post workout refueling window?

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