About this episode

This special episode is a coaching conversation between Jon and TJ David, elite trail runner and coach with Microcosm Coaching, a sponsor of the podcast. Jon and TJ unpack Jon’s recent breakthrough ultra race, highlighting the strategies which set Jon up for success that we can all learn from. We talk about coming back from running lows, setting goals and race expectations, and the importance of coaching for all athletes, no matter their experience or ability.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • how to evaluate a race
  • unpacking successful races and breakthrough performances
  • mental strategies for race day success: preparation, goal setting and expectations
  • competing with curiosity, joy, and self-belief
  • the importance of coaching for everyday athletes

Like what you heard? Hear Jon interview TJ David on For The Long Run Episode 266. TJ David on Coaching, Endurance, and Self-Discovery 


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