About this episode

Sydney Gidabuday is a professional runner living in Boulder, Colorado. His bio on the Tinman Elite website says, “Once trained so hard he couldn’t feel his arms and legs, now he’s a Tinman running 7:30 pace on his easy days. Went on a 140 mile bike ride… to hang out with a girl. He’s not afraid of commitment, ladies. Born in California, raised in Tanzania, speaks Spanish,” and in this episode we talked through all of that!

We also talked about:

  • his first run
  • experience as a D2 runner
  • his entry into professional running
  • what it’s like training with Tinman Elite
  • Tinman being an all-male team and what’s to come
  • hurdles and challenges he’s experienced since going pro
  • group training in 2020
  • goals for 2021
  • lessons learned from living in many different places
  • balance
  • overtraining and how he learned to back off
  • what it’s like training as a pro athlete in Boulder

Follow along with Sydney’s adventures at www.instagram.com/sydney_gidabuday_

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