About this episode

This episode with Carrie Verdon is the fourth in a Oiselle-sponsored series with the Underbirds: a team of 5 female athletes being supported by Oiselle in the lead up to the 2024 Marathon Olympic Trials. A proud Boulder-ite, Carrie is a sister, girlfriend, and outdoor enthusiast, who juggles a full-time job as a teacher with elite running.

In this episode we talk about:

  • taking breaks from running 
  • balancing elite running with a full time job as a teacher
  • unlocking performance breakthroughs:sleep and consistent habits vs marginal gains
  • eating disorder struggles as an athlete 
  • social media sharings and boundaries
  • preparing for the 2024 Olympic Trials as a Oiselle-sponsored “Underbird” athlete

Like what you heard? Tune in next month for episode 5 in the Oiselle Underbirds series. https://www.oiselle.com/pages/year-of-the-underbird 

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This podcast episode is supported by Oiselle, one of my favorite brands in the running space, a running apparel company run by women for women. And this year, the Year of the Underbird, Oiselle is supporting a small group of women leading up to the Olympic Marathon Trials, as well as a series here on the podcast, helping to amplify and share the stories of these resilient athletes.

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