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172. Stephanie Garcia: Grateful and Curious
171. Maddie Alm: Not Being Afraid To Fail
170. Tori Gerlach: Progress, Not Perfection
169. Megan Roche: Infectious Positivity
168. Kevin Rutherford: Creating a Thriving Culture
167. Jake Tuber: The power of a team
166. Shelby Johnson: Exploring the Why ahead of her first 100
165. Tianna Bartoletta: Radical Resiliency
164. Caity Ashley: Taking a break and listening to your body
163. Bryan Kent: Wildly obsessed with the human condition
162. Kevin Moran: The pursuit of better
161. Nikki Long: The only way is through
160. Patrick Lemieux: The business side of sport
159. Stephanie Howe: Don't forget to look at the sunrise
158. Yuri Hauswald: For The Long [Ride]